Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plaza Performances on YouTube! Click Here!

The Silver Spring Town Center, Inc. is on YouTube!

SSTCi has been privileged to present exciting arts & entertainment programming for the greater Montgomery County community. You can see some of our Plaza Performances on our Youtube Channel by clicking here

Our SSTCi performers have included Groove Jet, Cloud 9, the 2nd Story Band, Snakehead Run, Warner Williams & Joyce Ettingoff, the Greater U Street Jazz Collective, Luisa & her Imaginary Orchestra, the Capital Accord Chorus, Mary Amato & Bill Wiliams, Hays Dowdy & Friends, Harmonic Blu Express, Garry Elders & Garrick Alden, Nathan Foley & Midnight Express, The Wharf Rats, the Second String Bluegrass Band, the Jazz Stimulus Project, the Traveling Bluejayes, and Cooking with Gas.

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