Friday, September 30, 2011

The Traveling Bluejayes Perform on Silver Spring's Veterans Plaza, Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 4 pm. Free!

Please join us for another exciting Plaza Performance as we welcome the Traveling Bluejays back to the Plaza Stage. The Bluejays will play on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 4 pm. It's free!

The Traveling Bluejays is a great band that plays Folk, Rock, Rockabilly, Originals, Blues. The band members are Arlene Jaye, George Hardman, Karen Hardman, Rick Kanton, Michelle Murray, and Joyce Ettingoff. George Hardman, rhythm guitar and vox..they call him Elvis..veteran of many bands in the Washington DC area..loves to do rockabilly and Elvis and keep the audience entertained...Arlene Jaye, vocalist..veteran of many DC bands as a vocalist..also former member of CSA Jamboree...Karen Hardman, percussionist..has played with many bands and loves to sinng Cher Songs, Michelle Murray, songwriter and very active in SAW as well as fantastic perfomer on guitar and vox..she gives the Blue Jayes an original sound...Rick Kanton, of those guitar guys who can play just about anything in any style..has played with many bands...Joyce Ettingoff, harmonica player..endorsed by Lee Oskar..was part of CSA Jamboree..will also play anything and take the harmonica where people think it shouldn't go.

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