Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Three Chords and The Truth" Inspires at Silver Spring Blues Festival

The 2009 Silver Spring Blues Festival at Downtown Silver Spring was kicked off by the dynamic youth band “Three Chords and The Truth.” Three Chords & The Truth is a blues inspired student led band now entering its third year of existence. The band exists as a tribute to the birth of America's Music in the Delta Region and as a symbol for the power and passion of the garage band. Not only that, the students take you on a musical & historical journey through America's music.

Three Chords and the Truth is Paige DeSouza and Josh Johnson, Drums; Crystal Fasanya, Guitar; Anjel Morris and Josh Johnson, Keyboard; Loughton Sargeant, Steven Johnson Jr., and Dominique Lockett, Bass; Saudat Almaroof, Hand Percussion; Bria Barber, Ebonique Brown, Casi Mewborn, and MiKayla Coleman, Supporting Vocals; and Josh Johnson, Crystal Fasanya, Loughton Sargeant, and Anjel Morris, Lead Vocals.

Three Chords & The Truth was formed by the Colours Arts in Education Program as an answer to Hurricane Katrina. Colours is always involved in assisting various causes and efforts. However, Katrina and the remarkable human spirit and will to overcome that following inspired the students in Colours to pick up instruments for the first time, and in the grand American tradition of garage bands everywhere, make a difference by bringing the music of the Blues Line and beyond to life.

The band was originally named SPLATT! and now is Three Chords in the Truth. The band is available to perform anywhere and everywhere..a lot of the time for honorariums or for free.

The band is meant to inspire those young and old to get into music and assist with the rebirth of New Orleans and Mississippi. For two years, the band has raised funds for five student based cultural and arts programs in New Orleans and Mississippi, as well as for Breast Cancer Research, and various scholarship funds.

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Thanks to Jason Cook and Three Chords and the Truth--the first band of the first Silver Spring Blues Festival at Downtown Silver Spring.

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